How close to or far from the screen does the projector need to be set? What the furthest distance back the projector could be from the screen?

We recommend to put the projector about 10-15 feet back from the screen to get a very clear image. Depending on your actual setting you could put it closer or further away. Experiment until you get a clear image, at the best resolution.

It also depends on the kind of projector are you using. The throw distance is different for each.

I recommend that you go to the website to see the throw distance for your projector:

It definitely depends on the throw of the projector, for example a Benq W1500 is rated as a 1.07 to 1.71 zoom throw, So I multiply 144″(screen size) x 1.07 and then again x 1.71 and I know that I need to set this projector between 154″(12′-10″) and 246″ (20′-6″) away from the screen.


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